1. Agents: 

You can register as an agent which will have the following functions. An agent could be working  under an Franchisee in the future in the respective region. Ask how you can upscale to becoming a Fr and earn anuity income over the contract period. 




Each agent must have a registered electrician or Solar installers are Preferred. 

Cost Starting from R 0 

2. Energy Consultants

You can register wiht any agent or direct with Head Office as a Consultant.

2. Ambassadors * Users 

You can register as an ambassador and simple get referral commission on successful applicants. An ambassador will be working either with an agent or Franchise  partner. 

All maxEnergy users of electricity will receive a loyalty Cash Back  Card FREE of charge which can be used in many differant outlets where they will receive cash back on all purchases. This card is linked to CASH BACK LOYALTY CARD 

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