MaxEnergy Holdings is a renewable energy company based in Cape Town, South Africa.

The company focuses on four main categories within the renewable energy industry:-

  1. Wholesale and retail product supply market  

  2. Project management services

  3. Design and implementation of energy systems

  4. Utilities


Through partnerships with local and international companies the company is positioned to implement complete turnkey projects. Established in 2012, the company focuses on providing energy solutions to the market; during the period when the South African government launched their incentive-based solar geyser programme, in this period – and before the programme was ceased -Installing up to 1 200 units per month. The intention was to use this as a springboard to take the full array of energy solutions to market.  All the shareholders and company executives have extensive backgrounds and proven track records in the renewable energy industry.




To supply quality product and accessible solar energy solutions to the broader South African and African continent market.

To merge partnerships with governments, developers, local authorities and leading construction consortium's which will enable Max-energy to deliver exceptional services to customers?

To offer ongoing training and updating staff on the latest technologies.

Develop and create Job opportunities in Africa and pass skills to local communities,

Continuous and ongoing research and development on thermal systems, photo-voltaic systems and wind power generation.

Through relationships developed over the last couple of years offer turnkey projects by aligning our product and expertise with the best globally.



To ensure that customers receive expert advice when selecting their energy-saving solutions a selection of quality products, staff, consultants and professionals has been established.

All maxEnergy energy consultants have done training and specialize in their respective fields.

maxEnergy provides supply-and-fit solutions to all clients with a hands-on management approach.

Relationships with suppliers through key personnel have ensured that we offer the best possible products to our clients. MaxEnergy hosts a range of solar water heating replacement systems that cater for residential, commercial and industrial applications. We have developed in-house energy audit software packages that over time has enabled us to provide customers with accurate advice and bespoke energy-saving solutions.

As the business develops there will be opportunities to move into larger projects the need increases for the expertise of especially electrical consultants to be able to execute the new projects on time and with minimal constraints.

The business is associated with consultant engineers located in most major cities within South Africa and in Africa that oversee and form part of the MaxEnergy teams of experts


MaxEnergy has spent the last couple of years identifying quality products throughout the world - making sure that the company becomes the leader in quality products.

MaxEnergy has obtained sole rights in Africa and South Africa on a number of brands and have developed our own brands for domestic markets.

All products are Nersa Certified 097-2-1 for installations. As this is an ongoing development products are continuously certified within the South Africa market.


MaxEnergy has managed to secure the following:

- Complete range of inverters distribution South Africa and Africa 

-PRIME inverters and Lithium Battery Technology Sole Distributor for Africa 

-SSU Shared Saving Unit Modules used for Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Systems reducing Energy between 20-55% 

-maxEnergy Efficiency Finance 

-EMH Finance on term over 10-15 Years on all our product range 

-… and more pending!!



At maxEnergy we believe that the renewable energy market has the potential to leverage electrical savings on a long term basis, to increase employment opportunities, and consequently to assist in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

MaxEnergy recognizes the importance of supporting the local manufacturing industry.

MaxEnergy has formed working relationships with leading manufacturers and importers of products in South Africa and the African continent to ensure after sales service is upheld.

The installation teams have installed excess of 10556 solar water heating systems and as at end 2019 over  22 Megawatt Solar generation per annum. Our Latest Version Prime Hybrid Systems has been installed 1st in Africa..



A agent network is currently being developed under the “maxEnergy” brand.

 The Group will be focusing on the following:-

i. Imports, training, quality control, PV software support and warranties

ii. Distribution

iii. Agencies or franchises

Supply Residential (Gateway Communities) Commercial and PEAK Savings Systems ESS (energy Storage Systems) for the industry.

Supply complete turnkey projects for commercial applications (megawatt farms locally and in Africa).

In closing we only want to promote good quality products and offer the best possible after sales service in the energy industry.

Ownership and JV with selected partners in PV plants is also what we are proposing through our funding option



Enrico Marinus – Operations, logistics and administration. Entered renewable market in 2009. Also experienced in structural steel, construction, textiles and the green economy.

Vincent Du Paul – Technical and marketing. HVAC Engineer by training  and Renewable Practitioner has been in the renewable market since 2004. Extensive experience in installations and unrivaled product knowledge. Design of systems and solutions specialist 

Jarred Theunissen- Head Technical Division - Renewable Prcationer, Jarred has over 12 Year hands on experience in installation of Solar PV, HVAC Systems and   energy solutions. Jarred is also repsonsibke for all Installer registered with maxEnergy Africa (Pty) Ltd 





Unit 17 A 

Pinelands Business Park 


Cape Town

South Africa


Telephone 0616677747