NO Deposit NO maintenance  NO Load shedding No Hazzle Just pay less from month one per KWH and start saving. Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Bulk Users. 




·Optimization of Harvesting: Works simple only when grid is operational and primary purpose is for savings energy. IF grid grid down NO SOLAR !




Optimization of Harvesting: Designed to replace your existing bill completely with sufficient battery storage facility dependent on your night time usage..

·Installation benefits: The Inverters allows easy installation with added benefits like simople simple plug n play for Wind, generator and PV built in. 


Compatible with a range of solar panels: The inverters may be used alongside both 60 and 72-cell PV modules, provided their power output specifications fall within the applicable range. Inverter range is supplied as per specific design criteria of our clients. 

HYBRID "Paritary" Smart Inverter

This is the system we all been waiting for exclusive to maxEnergy Distribution network and Agents across Africa. Software and design IP maxenergy.

What Makes ths different- Think about having a Grid tie solution with OFF grid ability (Hybrid)

1. Can take energy direct from PV panels to end user

2. Can take wind Turbine 

3. Can take Generator 

4. Can Use PV and Battery and Utility (If necessary at the same time?)

5. Can supply home and charge batteries at the same time .

6. Will NOT switch off if PEAK is reached of Inverter will simple take excess only from Utility or if OFF GRID will shut down high user appliances automatically till the peak has dropped.


 Easy Monitoring:  Each Inverter can be connected together to show real time performance cloud based. 

Warranty:  maxEnergy offers a full warranty on the complete system while payments are received.



Batteries are dime a dozen however batteries that do the following are not,

1. Can discharge at the same rate as battery ( Normally lithium batteries discharge at half the rate at maximum 

2. Faster recharge rates 

3. 10 Year Standard warranty (6000 Cycles)


       Optional is a Generator connection as additional standby options where their is no Grid.