Grid Tie Connetion 

Start paying 5-25% less

than actual bill currently if Grid Tie.

Increase per year @ 5% Fixed. This may be adjusted dependant on your current kwh Rate 

Our promise to supply energy cheaper than the utility always if Grid Tie 

No Deposits start paying when switched on

Bill of R1000 per month will save you R595 000 over contract.

Upgrade power at any time 

Save money from month one if Grid Tie

Regional and Agents operate directly with you to ensure 24/7 service to you.

We care about our clients and our clients are important to us.

Transfer to new owners 

Off Grid can remain connected to Grid only draw if peak power  is reached

Off Grid does not need any utility power

Generator can be added as back up power

Never be without power "Load Shedding!" What's that? 

Ask yourself what have you got to lose?

Fully Maintained and serviced under netelec

Battery Storage